Meet Sheldon

Photo 2016-01-27, 11 34 13 AM

Michael. Wayne. Tiger. Drake. These are the some of the biggest names in basketball, hockey, golf, and music, respectively. However when it comes to travelling, there may be no name bigger than… Sheldon. Now I know what you’re probably wondering…

Who the heck is Sheldon!?

Standing no taller than 4 inches, for what he lacks in size he makes up for in cuteness and a strong backbone carrying an acorn everywhere he is seen. Having turned more heads than Kim Kardashian’s butt, it’s been rumoured that doctors are defining whiplashes caused by this diminutive dinosaur “shell-ashed”.

Sheldon began his travelling journey back in May of 2015. Starting in Thailand, he made his way through SE Asia stopping in Cambodia, Laos, and finally Vietnam.  From there, he made it out to Singapore and stayed in the Marina Bay Sands hotel. After a relaxing few days in the amazing infinity pool, Sheldon flew to India and dealt with the heat wave that claimed the lives of approximately 2,330 citizens. Down but not out, Sheldon flew to Dubai and his adopted home, Serbia.  Rounding out this journey, he visited Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden before flying back to Canada in late June. Now, I’m no mathematician but if my counting is correct that is THIRTEEN countries in a span of two months.

You will often see Sheldon take pictures with historic monuments, museums, sites, etc. Every now and then, he will take pictures with adoring and obsessed fans that make you think Justin Bieber is in the area. Relentless and unashamed, Sheldon will pose for as long as it takes to get the perfect picture. Where are these photo’s you ask? You can find them on Instagram using the hashtag sheldonseesworld.

Beginning February 2016, Sheldon will once again visit SE Asia. New this time around will be his desire to meet and share a quick story of  locals and other travellers he comes across.

They often say the only way you can build self confidence is to love yourself. With Sheldon however, it is safe to say his self confidence come from the love of all the travellers he has met.


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