Day 1 – HCM City

 It’s 5am here in HCM city and Jesus what a first day ! 
 As I’m sitting on the bus unsure of where the hell I’m going, I decided to initiate a conversation with this great looking couple, Francesca and Fabrizio. Originally from Italy, these two have been living in London, UK for the past 6 years. These two only had a few hours in HCMC as they were here on a connection to their final stop, Phu Quoc. They couldn’t help me find out where I was heading, but Sheldon enjoyed their company. 

Where Francesca and Fabrizio failed, Kay, Peng, and Bill were my next victims in hope of finding my hostel. Terrible English, so I spoke back in terrible Cantonese. Much like mathematics, two negatives turned into a positive…I suppose. Combining  Cantonese with his English, we managed to come to a conclusion of “just follow me, I go same area”. Bill seemed like an honest guy so I followed him and we chatted for about ten minutes. He and his friends are from Guangzhou and they are jut taking a 6 week vacation. Anyways, after awhile he ended up saying to me “ok go that way”….and points in the general direction. Thanks Bill

Enter Dewie from Netherlands and Morgaine from France. These two angels allowed me to bug them while they enjoy their drinks before Dewie leaves Morgaine for Cambodia. Morgaine now lives in Saigon and befriended Dewie after meeting at a local joint. The two girls offered me a seat at their table to use the wifi to search the address of my hostel. Morgaine then directed me on how to get there.

The life of the party below. Goodnight. 


Taylor and Jordan. Two blokes from Australia who happen to be my roomies. 

Mya from Poland. 

These two gals managed to escape death penalty in Laos by accidentally taking some dope across border. Then, Alice, the girl on right,mistakingly took 4 malaria pills per day (recommended is only max 1 per day) rather than her painkillers for a smashed tooth and had lost tons of weight, before being admitted to a hospital.


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