Seat 11D

Before I begin this story, I want you to think of your happiest moment. Maybe it’s the birth of your first born, your wedding day, or when you found out that the popular jock who thought he was all that in high school is now a full blown degenerate. Whatever the reason, take yourself back to that moment and try to remember that feeling….

Seat 11D trumps all of that, I’m sorry. I didn’t think coming was possible outside the bedroom area (or wherever you savages come) but I was proven wrong. 

Zone 1 , seat 11D. The second I step in the plane, I was greeted by the FA asking to take my drink order. “Champagne, wine, or juice?” She asked. I kind of phased out at this moment because I’m just in awe of the type of seat I’m about to sit on! Having just sat for 13 hours in a cramp economy seat this was the best thing that could’ve happened to me, let me tell ya. After I smiled and HUNG my jacket on the hanger next to my seat, I finally responded….”water”. What the fuck. Water?! What am I, in economy? 

Anyways, as any proud parent knows – it’s all about the kidlets. And although I don’t have any, Sheldon is as close as they come right now to being my kid and I couldn’t be happier for Sheldon, he deserves it. The short traveling we’ve done together I actually know now what Tom Hanks felt like when he was with Wilson in Cast Away. And the feeling he went through after losing him? I too experience that. Don’t worry, Sheldon is safe now. But that story is for another post.  

Ladies and gentlemen, seat 11D.

How did I get such a sick seat? I thought about making up an entire story but truth is… I have absolutely no idea. I booked via points and it was economy, so maybe Eva Air came across my blog earlier and saw that I’m an unemployed bastard they decided to pity me and upgrade my bitch ass. Yah, I’ll go with that idea. 


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