Day 2

On my way over to HCMC there was a moment at Vancouver Airport where I began to doubt how much fun I’d have and whether or not it would be easy to meet people.

Staying at this hostel quickly put any fears aside. Meeting people from all over the world has been amazing and hearing their stories about their journey through Vietnam (most started in North and head South, with HCMC as their final stop) has been inspiring. It’s funny when I tell them I’m only two days into my trip and they go bananas saying such things as “AWWW MATE, I wish I could go back to your position”. Tons of British and Aussies here. Anyways…

I woke up at 9am, getting only about 3.5 hours of sleep. Went and grabbed the free hostel breakfast of eggs and bread. Not filling at all so I went and grabbed some fried rice. Then I went and did the Cu Chi Tunnel tour which lasted the rest of the day. Then I finished the night off by drinking with bunch of other travellers before going to bed at 4am. 

These 5 British people were on my tour to Cu Chi Tunnel. Loud, outgoing, and downright hilarious, these 5 alone was worth the price of the tour alone. Liam, an English teacher who has taught all over Asia is now about teach in Hanoi. Cez, the Sheldon holder, is an ice cream shop owner. He raised his hand asking if we are stopping anywhere for food and the Tour guide replied with “yes you can get ice cream at stop”. As if the man needs more ice cream! His friends call him “rock bottom” and “darth vador” for being the party pooper of the group. Ellie is a social worker with kids. She’s actually been travelling longer than her friends but met up with them in Cambodia. Gary is a surveyor and is the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry. Then finally there’s Matt. He’s the grumpy looking one in the photo but he is anything but. Loud and hilarious, Matt loves to eat xiao long baos – “I eat it all in one bite. I love the explosion feeling in my mouth”. Not only does he have an amazing name, he was born in 88, in September…on the 7th. No jk that’d be too much coincidence (my birthday is the 7th). He was born on the 6th. These 5 friends grew up together in London and decided to do a group trip together. Great group of people, definitely made my tour more memorable! 

Sheldon seriously has taken flight. The group I was with loved him and asked if they could take a picture of him, so here’s a pic of two people taking a pic of Sheldon. 

  Kelvin, Muz, Jamie, and Nik. These mates from London are some of the coolest people I’ve met in my lifetime. Muz and Nik are pharmacists who quit their job to travel. Jamie knows Muz and Nik originally from Hoi An, repeatedly running into each other along the way. These 3 bought motorcycles in Hanoi and have biked to every destination. Amazing stories. Now I have some ideas…
  Scared of falling oil prices? Well don’t be. These 4 beautiful Norwegians are 4th year Petroleum Engineering students who on are summer break right now (Doing an abroad semester in Sydney Australia). Marthe, Karoline, Birgitte, and Tone. You may think you pronounced it right but I promise you that you did not! 

Our first guest post – I gave this German traveller my phone to write her story – “Liane from Germany . I was bored working in the same office for about 6 years so I asked for a year off but my boss wouldn’t give it to me. I quit my job (I had a lifelong contract) and decided to apply for a working holiday visa for Australia. I got it and booked a flight to Thailand to do a month of Asia before going to Australia. Instead of spending just a month in Thailand & Myanmar it’s been 4 month and 6 countries so far ( Thailand, Myanmar, KL in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam). I’m going to Cambodia next and then to Thailand for a diving license. After that I guess I’m ready to go to Australia 🙂 ”

  No that is not my bed. Nor was I sleeping beside her. Angelina from New York! 

Gary from Austria! 

 Ellie from England. Remember the girls Hatty and Alice? This is her friend. And a damn good friend she is. Alice and Hatty both lost their cards, so couldn’t take money out anymore. In comes Ellie and with her…..Alice’s card from home! 


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