Day 3 – Chuc Mung Nam Moi!! 

It’s currently 543am right now so I apologize if I don’t make much sense. 
Rough start to the day today. I think I just need to accept that every night I’ll be awake til about 5am, I honestly don’t feel like the Vietnamese sleep down here. I’m struggling to find a good reason to stay up for another hour and catch the super bowl but I know that if I do that I’m completely fucking myself for tomorrow.

Kicked off the afternoon by grabbing some Cafe Su da (Vietnamese iced coffee), then started our walk towards Ben Thanh market, a pretty big touristy attraction. It’s NYE here today so a lot of it was closed unfortunately..
We then made our way to Independence Palace and the War Remnants Museum. And my god…I literally have no words to describe the museum. A group of us got together today discussing it and all of us were fired up emotionally. It was absolutely fucking disgusting what the US did to the people of Vietnam. You know, I was warned prior to going that it’s a very depressing museum but I thought nothing of it. But once you’re there seeing the pictures, reading the stories…its emotionally draining. Like honestly right now just writing that is firing me up at the fucking Americans man…fuck….anyways.

Afterwards, we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral, and then to the main tourist hub where the statue of Ho Chi Minh stands. Sheldon snuck in a ton of pictures as always, although today he kept it PG, I think. 



 Being NYE tonight, the crowds were alive and bumping. Two pals I’ve met got robbed on the street, with motorcycles zooming by snatching their phone and bag. It’s typically the prime season for these petty thievery with the streets packed with people lining up to see fireworks. My pals and I ended up going to a rooftop bar that is hidden from the tourist. We smoked some shisha, had some drinks, and welcomed the new year. We then hopped to another bar and sat around til about 5am drinking. I tried being a translater to these two 20 year old Vietnamese girls from Hanoi. They knew absolutely no English. I swear if somebody was videotaping the conversations I was having with these girls it would’ve made an excellent comedy special. In the end, I failed as a wingman but I need to be sober to write full details. 
The highlight of the night though was showing two people how to shotgun a beer. Best $1.50 I ever spent (the cost of 2 cans of Saigon beer)

 Me being an idiot standing in middle of busy intersection failing to get a hipster pic. 
   The locals gambling playing Vietnamese if two. I tried to ask if I can play but they had absolutely none of it. They scared to lose some Vietnamese dong to a good ol’ Canadian lad, I know it.

Nguc & Phuong Am , the Vietnamese girls from Hanoi  


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