Day 4 – HCMC 

I woke up around 945ish this morning however I didn’t end up leaving bed until about 1130. The long days & little sleep is taking its toll. I was re-reading my last post and realized I left out a funny moment out of the story about the two young Vietnamese girls with me acting as a translator for my two friends. Nik had asked me to ask the girls how long they been in HCMC. So I looked at one of the girls: “uh…hmm…Saigon how long??” And Nik yells across at me “DUDE I COULD HAVE SAID THAT MYSELF IF I KNEW YOU WERE JUST GONNA SAY THAT” 
With today being a national holiday, a lot of places are closed. I was warned last night to buy food for today as restaurants close too but that wasn’t an issue. The backpackers area had a ton of places still open for eating. 
Nik, Muz, Jamie, and I decided to try and head into a 5 star hotel called New World – a hotel President Clinton stayed in when he came for a visit – and sneak into their fancy pool area for a nice swim. We had the perfect game plan….go walk in with confidence and just straight to the lift and to the pool grounds. Can’t go wrong right? We walked in, and made our way to the lift. Entered the pool and spa area. I can smell the pool now. We did it. We actually can’t believe it. Then a lady comes after us and asks “you need to sign in! What room number you in?”. The four of us waited for what seemed to be an eternity hoping one of us has a quick smart answer. She then asks the question again. After what seemed like 10 mins I just said “ummm no, not staying here…..” And you can imagine what ended up happening from there. No Sheldon for you. 

These Swedish girls met years ago and “we all bonded so much by crying over our boyfriends!”. They have been travelling for few months now and have covered Australia, New Zealand, Asia and now Vietnam. 

Nuri, Clovis, and Caleb. Nuri is Korean/Kazakh currently studying mathematics and comp sci, recently winning an award at a Facebook computer hack competition in South Korea. Clovis and Caleb are both studying business and are from Paris and Auckland, respectively. These young bucks know each other from school as they’re studying abroad in Malaysia. 

Isabel from Berlin has been travelling alone over the past 4 months. This 19 year old, 6 foot 1 German beauty told me how extremely nervous she was about travelling alone but stated “once I landed in SE Asia, I’ve never had a meal alone”. When your 6’1 I guess you can say the locals look up to you 🙄. She will begin her studies in medicine when she returns to Berlin

I had a big nervous moment last night where I thought the local kids here were trying to rob me. I’ve heard so many stories of people getting their items snatched by kids swarming you and/or from drive-by motorcycles zooming by and ripping the purse and phones of people. So when I was walking back to hostel around midnight these group of kids came up to me and I immediately put my hands in my pocket. They were running around me trying to tickle me and take my hat off. Eventually I fucked off but the problem is….they sat in the restaurant where I wanted food! I don’t know what changed but I just said fuck it I’ll try and talk to these girls in viet. Turns out they were just very playful girls. I took a selfie with them on their phones and then when I whipped Sheldon out one of the girls snatched him out of my hands and said “I can have!?”. There was a moment where if you took a picture at the right moment the police would have evidence that I was about to like kidnap this girl. I was having none of it but luckily her older sister said to the little one “give it back it’s not yours” and she kindly gave Sheldon back to me. Crisis averted. And I got my banh mi (Vietnamese sub). 


Here’s a photo of Sheldon, a local, and I. He works at this corner pub trying io get me into his club but I kindly say no. And then I tend to always try and say something in Vietnamese to locals when I see them and when he heard my disgusting attempt he loved it. We talked about our families and where we’re from. Took a quick snap and away I went. 

 Meredith from Shanghai!   

So apparently the Internet at this hostel is one of the fastest in Vietnam (in terms of hostels Internet). It’s my last day today in HCMC and then I leave to Mui Ne tomorrow morning so hopefully the Internet is still good there too for blogging purposes! 




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