Day 12 – 14: The People of Hoi An Part 1

I still have another night here and my time so far has been unreal. I love this place so much that had I not have met the guys who are biking up to Hue tomorrow, I would extend my stay here further. With that said, here are most of the people I have met in Hoi An! The memorable stories I’ll post up tomorrow or the day after! Enjoy!!    Meet Luke, a 25 year old from England who quit his job to travel for a year. I met Luke when we arrived into our dorm at the same time and we explored Hoi An together. I asked him to take some photos for me and he then went on a rant: “this girl in Cambodia asked me to take a photo of her on the beach so I agreed. But she was so picky I felt like a fucking professional photographer. Every photo has to emphasize her butt. She had a nice butt so I get it…but fuck it was like an hour long session”.

 Meet Nathaniel (again) and Ryan. These two friends from England are going to be my bike mates as we ride the famous Hai Van pass. I ran into them here in Hoi An after originally meeting the two in Nha Trang. Two great dudes who I’m sure you’ll see more photos of when I post the pictures from the ride up to Hue!!
 Meet Omar, a 22 year old geezer from England…I’ll be honest with you he had a pretty funny story but we were in the middle of smoking a joint and then I just got way too high to remember what his story was. 

    Meet Ikera, Ellie, Katie, three friends from England who blew me away when none of them knew what a banh mi or pho was. I got real animated as they have now been in Vietnam for over two weeks…not once have they had pho or viet subs. So I took them out the next night and made these girls order pho. Prior to dinner, Ikera asked me “is that pho?”. I shook my head, told her to go beside what she thought was pho, and snapped a pic. See below: 
  “I’m from a small town in Quebec” “Tell me” I asked. “Gatineau, you probably never heard of it”. To which I responded “the Olympiques! Claude Giroux!”. 

“OMG (high 5s). I went to school with Claude! He’s such a hard worker, very smart student too. Oh man, I went to every Olympiques game my father is such a huge fan” Meet Sophie, Canadian traveller who I immediately assumed was half Asian and when I asked which parent is the Asian she responded “no!! Everybody thinks that…but I have no Asian in me!”  Meet this cutie Bao, a 7 year old from Hoi An. We were eating street food and all she wanted to do was serve our plates and practice English with us! 
  17 month old Binh!

  Meet Vu and Tam, the best ladies I bartered with for some tank tops and elephant pants. They wanted 100,000 for each and I would keep saying in Vietnamese “50,000 for dap jai (handsome man in Vietnamese)”. After beginning to walk away she yells for me to come back and then we joke some more before I asked for a picture to which they happily agreed!

  My beautiful tailoring girls in Hoi An plus Ryan! I tried so hard to get a deal I even facetimed my dad when I was in the shop in hopes of buttering them up with my broken Vietnamese paired with proper Vietnamese. I don’t think it worked as well as I’d liked but hey, you win some you lose some! 
   “In Norway, when you take a train you don’t sit with other girls except your wife. When I took the train in Vietnam, I was put in a cabin with 4 other women. I am not used to this! So the entire train ride I talk the whole way with the girls.” Meet Yngve, a 61 year old retired businessman from Norway living in Hoi An for over a year. And no, that is not a typo in the name!

 Meet Donna (again) the girl I met when I arrived in Dalat and we went on those cable cars and boat ride. I bumped into this 19 year old Sweden here at Hoi An in the lobby of the hostel, disappointed to see that she has had enough of Vietnam and booking a ticket to Bangkok for the next day…”I don’t feel well mentally. I guess I thought backpacking would be more fun but I’m not having so much fun…maybe it’s just Vietnam I don’t know…”

Below are some photos from the first 2-3 nights: 



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