Day 19 – First Day in Hanoi

I knew I came to the right hostel when I saw these sets of rules, especially the second last rule. 


I arrived at 630am. So we went to the hostel and sat around until I could check in at 1030am. After checking in I went on a free walking tour that didn’t really take me anywhere neat. We went to this local coffee shop upstairs of somebody’s home, walked to the famous lake where the 100+ year old tortoise recently died (about a month ago), and the Dong Xuan market. Here are some pictures throughout the afternoon.  




Here are a few of the people I’ve met in Hanoi on my first day!
Meet Thai-Anh. I met this 26 year old bartender while at the local coffee shop. When I was telling him my story of how I spoke 3 languages growing up (Chinese, Vietnamese, and English) he quickly responded “oh me too! My dad is Chinese, and my mom Vietnamese. They spoke English to each other that’s how I learn English. But I spoke Mandarin to my dad and Vietnamese to my mom. Same as you. But my dad leave my mom and I when I was 12 so I don’t know much Mandarin anymore…” Thai says he is looking into studying finance in Germany in the near future.


Meet Helen, a 19 year old Swedish girl with Lebanese background. She is travelling with her good friend Elin as the two just graduated high school! 

Elin from Sweden

     Meet Kyle, a 23 year old from Edmonton, Canada! My home town. From the Ottewell area

Meet Gin, a 32 year old woman from England who quit her job back home to start travelling! Don’t let her tattoos and dreadlocks fool you, she is as sweet as they come! She invited me to join this tequila shot competition in which the winner gets a free bucket…and depending on how you look at it, I won! 


Meet Jessie from Ireland, Jack from England, and Dom from New Zealand! I originally met Jessie and Jack from our walking tour. And Dom is the perpetual drunk of the hostel but an overall great guy! My mates and I played pool with Jack as well and he is one helluva player. It seems that all Brits know how to play pool. Hours after this pic was taken, Dom was pickpocket on the street and in his wallet was 7.5 million VND! “I think I just lost a month of my travel because of that…” Dom says to me the next morning. 


my bucket i won along with two beers
flip cup action in the hostel
aron trying to sell his bike
frog legs!


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