Day 25 and 26 – Last Night in Hanoi and a Sick Day

The morning after Aron’s and Elli’s final night was a tough one. I laid in bed until about 12ish, and this is having been awake since 8am. I simply just did not want to move. It’s pretty safe to say the afternoon was pretty non-eventful and with this being my last night, I knew the guys were going to pressure me to go hard so I wanted to rest up. 
Because we were on the cocktail cruise I missed being with Mike while he got tattooed of Sheldon. So I knew one of the things I needed to do was at least catch him before we both leave the next morning. While walking to grab some street beer for 5000 VND ($0.25 USD beer) at the beer corner I bumped into Mike! And then posed for this picture.     
Afterwards at the bar we were at I bumped into my old roomies from my initial stay in Hanoi before departing for the cruise. 

 Meet Milane, Elizabeth, and Kira – 3 20 year old German girls who are currently studying medicine 

The rest of the night was pretty basic so I won’t bore you with … Well boring stories. However, walking up to my room around 2am I see my dorm mate walk back with a girl. And I know what they’re about to do – and with his bed right next to mine I decided to just chill in the lounge area for awhile to give him some time. I walk back in at 245ish and fuck me they’re still chatting away and trying to be discrete / quiet as she’s getting railed. Luckily I was pretty exhausted and fell asleep quite easily…the problem with Hanoi Rocks (the name of our hostel) is that the beds are 18(!!!) bed rooms. And every night I was there it was full. So this kind of thing was I happening all the time and your best hope is to just not be nearby someone who’s bringing a girl or guy back to the room! 

The next day it was time to leave Hanoi. Our flight to Vientiane didn’t leave til 5 so we still had most of the day. The problem however was that I believe the drinking finally caught up to me. Initially I thought it was a hangover but looking back im sure I came down with the flu. I had muscle fatigue, chills then getting hot again, and just had no appetite. The boys convinced me that eating a greasy burger will cure me, but it did the exact opposite. But I still managed to snipe a picture of Thomas being an animal and crushing 3 big burgers.  


I ended up just sleeping whenever I can on the couch of the hostel waiting for the taxi to take us to airport whenever it was time to go.


We got to the airport around 3pm and I immediately went straight to the gate area and went to sleep. We got to Laos around 645 and by the time we checked in around 730 I went straight to bed and that’s all she wrote for day 26! People told us Vientiane has nothing to do (despite being the capital city in Laos) so we only booked a night and are leaving to Vang Vieng the next day. 


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