Day 36 and 37 – Kuta



 Ground Zero of the bombing in Kuta from the 2002 Bali bombings, where 202 people died.



 Meet Edous, “Monkey”, and Marco. These 3 were working the Monkey Beach bar/surf rental shop on Kuta beach. After unsuccessfully trying to get us to rent surf boards, we sat down anyway and had a beer as there was shade and the heat was relentless. These guys work all 365 days a year and none of them have ever left Indonesia. We sat and chatted for about 2 hours with Omar and I buying them beers to join us. Edous is dating a woman from Holland and says “she’s not the prettiest, but her heart is beautiful and that’s good enough for me. She helps me with my English too!”.     
Meet Vina, Agus, Tutut, and Yumas – 4 nursing students from Sekolah Tinggi ilmu Kesehatan Bali. I was approached by an older man while chilling at Monkey Beach Bar asking if it is okay if students come and sit with me to help with their English. I was more than happy to do so and they came with pen and paper in hand, and a camera to record this session! Omar, who was sitting beside me, began to talk to them as well. “You should talk to me instead and learn proper English” Omar says in his thick English accent. The students just looked and nodded – I’m thinking they just didn’t understand him. The students start filming as the other 3 ask me questions in an interview-like setting with each student alternating who controls the camera recording. Later on, Omar again begins to start mini conversations with the students…Omar made some joke against me towards one of the girls and her response? “Can you hold the camera and record all of us?”. 

Both evenings we went to this restaurant/bar called Sky Garden. From 5-9pm everyday you pay $10CAD for unlimited bbq buffet and drinks! After 9pm, you can pay another $15CAD to have unlimited drinks again. The restaurant/bar itself was quite large. It was about 5 stories high and it had EIGHT nightclubs inside. The first night I decided to go hard bar all night drinking Gin and Tonics. By 9pm I started to feel like a sick drunk. I managed to stay out til about 11 before calling it quits but I remember while on the D floor I saw this woman go up on one of those small stages where they dance in underwear. I tried getting up to dance with her and Sheldon but she was having absolutely none of it. So our friend Charlotte got up there despite security saying no and danced with her briefly while I managed to take a photo of Sheldon and the two girls. “You better not be taking a video!” The woman yells at me. 

It wasn’t until the next day I was informed that the alcohol they use isn’t the best and that not too long ago a Swedish man died from drinking the whiskey which turned out to be methane they believed. So the next day we went I only stuck to beers, fuck that. The mates I’m with are big Arsenal fans so around 930 we went to a pub that plays Premier League games and watched Arsenal lose. It was the first full futebol match I ever watched and it was entertaining alone just seeing these guys so into it. After the pub we went on our own little pub crawl bar hopping different places…the town of Kuta is alright. A ton of travellers I met will tell you to just get out of here and go to the Gili islands or Ubud…so that’s what I did and booked a boat to Gili Trawangan.  

  Meet Bert and Walt – two 23 year old Belgiums who are currently here for an internship for 3 months. These two are in the woodworking program in school and have been here in Kuta since February. 
The weather here is absolutely disgusting. I’m not good with heat and even back in Canada when it’s 30C dry heat I’m not doing well. I sweat profusely. Over here it’s 30C and very humid….at midnight. During the day’s the real feel is ~43C and its just perpetual sweating for me.   

Found some AC!! Also, the tank came free from the bar with two shots vodka. I wouldnt pay for this just an FYI.


Tash, Charlie, amd Charlotte


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